Friday, February 24, 2017

Fanatic Friday: The Man vs The Animal edition

Crystal anniversary clear; what Milwaukee's Cathedral meant in 2002

The recent news of yet another priest in custody inspired looking back on events in the Church in the U.S. and my Archdiocese of Milwaukee 15 years ago. First up, 'What a cathedral means', by Rembert G. Weakland, in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Feb. 10, 2002. The occasion was the reopening of Milwaukee's Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist after extensive renovations.

"In the Catholic tradition, there are many churches in a diocese but only one cathedral. It is the bishop's church, the symbol of unity for the entire ten counties that form the Archdiocese of Milwaukee - from Sheboygan and Fond du Lac in the north, to Kenosha and Walworth in the south."
Which led him to say,
"For this reason, twenty-some years ago, I decided that the crypt of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist would also be the burial chamber of the bishops. That is a part of the Catholic tradition. Archbishop Moses Elias Kiley, Archbishop William E. Cousins and Bishop Leo J. Brust are now all buried there. It is also where I hope my own body will eventually find a place of rest."
Since he soon after was embroiled in scandal, he later looked for somewhere else to spend his retirement. But that was not to be and he remains among us. So his plans for his remains still are quite fitting, though not quite as he anticipated.

On the renovation, he later says,

"Still, the Cathedral of St. John is not a large church. ...
"I wonder ... when a successor bishop will have the courage to demolish this cathedral to build one that will hold at least two to three thousand worshippers. Just imagine the courage it took to destroy the medieval church of St. Peter's in Rome to build the present one."
If there's anything indicating increasing, rather than shrinking, crowds at our Cathedral, I haven't seen it. And the building of the current St. Peter's does put me in mind of the connection between "deferred maintenance" and building projects. Also the sale of indulgences.

Archbishop Weakland goes on to discuss aspects of liturgical architecture, including many of what are, to me, aesthetic pokes in the eye involved in the renovation. He did not anticipate later controversies in which details of the design became associated, painfully for some. with the clerical sexual abuse scandal.

Twin Cities Catholics get dispensation for St. Patrick's Day

Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, but Archbishop Bernard Hebda granted a dispensation from the practice for St. Patrick’s Day, which falls on a Friday this year.

Susan Mulheron, chancellor of canonical affairs for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, wrote in a Feb. 22 letter addressed to clergy, consecrated women and men, and lay faithful of the archdiocese that the dispensation has been “granted to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, as well as any visitors or travelers who may be physically present within the territory of this archdiocese, a dispensation from the obligation of abstinence from meat on March 17, 2017.”

Archbishop Hebda made the decision in consultation with the archdiocesan Presbyteral Council and took into consideration “both past practice and present circumstances” and “judged that [the dispensation] would serve the common spiritual good,” Mulheron wrote.

“As a general rule, a request for a dispensation from the obligation of abstinence on Fridays of Lent will not be considered unless some serious reason is present,” she wrote. “It has been noted, however, that Friday of the second week of Lent this year corresponds with St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), which has traditionally been an occasion for joy-filled celebrations in this archdiocese.”

If Catholics choose to eat corned beef — or any other meat — on St. Patricks’ Day, they must also “undertake a work of charity, an exercise of piety, or an act of comparable penance on some other occasion during the Second Week of Lent,” Mulheron wrote.
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Salvatorian priest, subject of numerous complaints, criminally charged with sex assault of child at Wauwatosa parish

Four years after he was removed from ministry because of allegations of inappropriate contact with children, a Milwaukee priest has been charged with three counts of felony sexual assault of a child beginning when she was 6 years old.

The Rev. Robert R. Marsicek, 75, who had been the subject of numerous complaints from parents over the years and avoided a criminal charge in 2013, was charged Wednesday. Appearing in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Thursday, Marsicek said he was worried about the victim.

He was released on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond and was ordered to have no contact with the victim or anyone under the age of 18.

According to a criminal complaint, Marsicek repeatedly touched the child while at Pius X Parish and school in Wauwatosa between 2007 and 2010. Among the incidents, she said Marsicek at one point laid on her and touched her breasts and at another reached under her jumper to "pat" her vagina.
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So is Annysa doing stories on the Church again?  Last I heard she was on education.  She turned the campaign into another attempt to bleed the archdiocese of money.  Like I've said numerous times, I'm all for reasonable settlements.  But ultimately felony criminal charges are what really matters here, not another SNAP pay for play scam.  Justice demands crimes do not go unpunished.  Ultimately this is a crime perpetrated by an individual.  The individual gets a fair trial whether they deserve it or not.  But invoking SNAP attack for cash causes the most important point at the end of the article to be missed.
Marsicek had a history of questionable contact with children during his 12 years at St. Pius X and had been counseled repeatedly by the archdiocese and the Salvatorians to stop touching them, according to documents obtained by police in 2013.  [NOT and appropriate response!]

Two Milwaukee archbishops had been made aware of complaints over the years, Archbishop Jerome Listecki in 2012 and then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now cardinal of New York, in 2005. When the 2013 allegations emerged, both the Milwaukee archdiocese and Salvatorians had known since May 2012 that Marsicek was under investigation in Sacramento, Calif., on allegations of sexual abuse of a minor in the 1980s to '90s. But they allowed him to remain in ministry for 10 months while those claims were investigated. At the time, Topczewski dismissed Marsicek's incidents with children as "boundary issues."

Listecki suggested in a letter to local Catholics in 2013 that the church may have erred by not removing Marsicek earlier.
Hindsight is always 20/20 but if the archdiocese has to tell a priest "stop touching children" there's no justifiable way that he can be left in ministry.  And if the archdiocese was already aware of the criminal allegations in his past, I don't care if he's not diocesan, he's getting the boot immediately and every Salvatorian serving in the archdiocesan borders is put on notice as the Salvatorian leadership is at the very minimum partly culpable.  This is the fundamental problem with the Dallas Charter and what Phil Lawler describe here: Catholic bishops 'don't get it'—the fundamental problem is a corrupt clerical culture.  It's no time to play Church politics.  It's time to strap on the army boots and kick some ass and let us know the archdiocese is as pissed off as the rest of us to hear about this shit going on regardless of what the damn lawyers are saying.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Esto Vir Men's Conference in Green Bay March 4th featuring Matt Fradd, Packers Ast. O-Line Coach David Raih


Getting another Packers coach for a Catholic men's conference.  These guys have got the right idea.

Chicago Save the St. Adalbert Shrine Hires Reporter to Investigate Church Sale

In response to requests for help from our friends at the St. Adalbert Preservation Society, the Coalition to Save the Shrine recently engaged an investigative reporter to look into the announced sale of the entire campus of St. Adalbert’s in Pilsen, including the church, to the Chicago Academy of Music.
To learn more, please visit, or sign the petition here.

Also Church Militant: Chicago Cardinal to Sell Off Historic Church to Secular Music Group

I'm all for saving the shrine but in a previous article it stated they were in need of $5,000,000 just to save the bell towers.  If the funds can be raised and maybe a religious order could take it over, I think it would be fantastic.  Really, it's going to take some large donors to pledge that kind of cash and I hope people can step up.  However, there's a whole lot of Chicago churches going through the same thing right now.  Just because one may disagree with Cdl. Cupich on say sacramental theology does not mean every move is somehow contaminated with evil intentions.  The church is a masterpiece so if the people of Pilsen cannot support it I hope the building itself can be maintained.  If area demographics change maybe the archdiocese could work out something in the deal that would allow for some level of access to parishioners for religious use.

Premiere of Spiritual Wisconsin featuring The Three Shrines March 25

All three Shrines (Holy Hill, Good Help, and OLG) are featured as well as the "Walk to Mary" and "Bike to Mary" pilgrimages which DW Camera Crews filmed last year.